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I Have A Plan to Infiltrate the Anti-Vaxx Community

Hello All,
   I'm writing this post to let you know that I intend to go undercover in anti-vax groups on Twitter, I will not reveal the details of my account so that once I post about conversations I have, I can continue to troll around. If you know of any prominent anti-vaxxers, please comment and give their twitter handle.

Yours In Reality,
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Why America Isn't the Greatest Country in the World

Hello All, I am quite aware of the consequences of this post, as it is inflammatory in nature, I  will add as a disclaimer that I am an American citizen and have lived in the country for my entire life.

While few are willing to admit it, America is not the greatest country in the world. It has the 3rd largest labor force as of 2017 per the CIA world factbook. The country is 122nd in industrial production growth rate at 2.3%. It is 125th in literacy, 29th in math and science. The country is 6th in median household income. The country is 24th in military expenditures compared to GDP. The country is 2nd in exports.

America is not the greatest country in the world anymore, and if you think that I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about- Yosemite? We sure used to be, we fought wars to protect freedom, passed and struck down laws for moral reasons, cared about the world, we reached for the stars and went to the moon! We wiped out diseases! We aspired to be intelligent, which shows since…

Well, I Take Some Time Off to Focus on Running for My Team and Everything Goes to Sh*t

Hello All,
   Sorry for the very extended hiatus, I had to take some time away from this blog to focus on running for my team, and I hope you will agree that it paid off, as two weeks ago I ran a 9:44 3200 as a freshman to win my league by 8 seconds (for all the non-runners, 1 second is an eternal hell in distance running) the district meet was okay, but not as successful as leagues.

   So I take time off from my blogging for my team... and shit has really hit the fan. 

Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah, Arkansas, Tennesee, and Missouri all passed acute bans on abortion, with Louisianna and many others on track to join the club. I'd like to add that Alabama has more restrictive than most Muslim Majority countries, in Isreal, it's legal and often free to boot. I hope many evangelical supporters of Isreal find this interesting.


My Take on the Pa State House Invocation

Hello All, I'm sure that most if not all of you have read about or heard about the situation that occurred in the Pa State Legislature. I've refrained from comment so far so as it enables me to fully comprehend the intricate nature of this situation. My objection to the invocation is a legal one. Although I am of the opinion that the invocation shouldn't have happened in the first place, as it proselytized the Christian faith to those who may not share said religious convictions, or to those who hold no religious convictions at all. However, the invocation happened… so it goes. Alex Luchenitser, associate legal director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State said, “Opening prayers should be inclusive and respectful to the whole community, They should never be divisive. They should not proselytize. ” I agree with Mr. Luchenitser’s assessment of what an invocation should be, if it even happens.
Here are a few quotes supporting may position: "A federal jud…

All Catholics Are Aiding and Abetting Child Abuse, Albeit Indirectly

Hello All,   You all may take issue with the title, and I'm sure some Catholic is going to lose it and call me a hateful bigot hurl a similar epithet. To them I say- I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and if that hurts a few people's feelings- so it goes. My reasoning is simple if you donate to the church, you may not know where that money goes, as the church probably doesn't have to fill out IRS Form 990. This claim is supported by a quote from the Nolo Legal Encyclopedia, "Most tax-exempt organizations and nonexempt charitable trusts have to file some type of Form 990 informational return. However, there are three general exceptions: Some religious institutions. Some religious institutions, such as churches, aren't required to file Form 990.” And this may not change in the near future, as in a 2014 ruling of The United States Court for the Seventh Circuit, Justice Barbara Crabb ruled that the FFRF did not have standing to sue over the aforementioned fact that …

Sorry I've Been on a Hiatus

Hello All,
   First things first, sorry I haven't posted in over a month, I had to go on an extended hiatus due to training for the New Balance Nationals Indoor Track Meet.

   Second, If you have any stories you think I'd be interested in, email me at if you send the story between 6:00 am EST and 5:00 pm EST, I will not be able to get back to you quickly as I have school and track practice.

   Yours in Reality,
   D    Moderate Liberal    Independent    LGBT+ Ally    Runner    Agnostic Anti-theist atheist

5 Questions Atheists Cannot Answer (Answered)

Hello All,
   Sorry I haven't posted in a while, between running and schoolwork I've been busier than normal, so here's a new post.

So, SJ Thompson, a religious apologist, specifically Christian, has posted 5 questions for atheists, this post is from May of last year, but I just found it today perusing the black hole of doom, gloom, and depression that is the internet. 

So her first question is, "So, why do even individualists know that we ought to help the weak, feed the poor, and be honest, humble, just, cooperative, empathetic, forgiving and loving? Why is it that all societies, regardless of their practices, know what weoughtto do? Where did we get this moral compass?"

My answer is a quote from the Greater Good Magazine run by UC Berkley, "We are so used to empathy that we take it for granted, yet it is essential to human society as we know it. Our morality depends on it: How could anyone be expected to follow the golden rule without the capacity to mentally…